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Amélie Case Study

vikiwalden | Monday October 31, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Analysis, Film Analysis, Films & Case Studies, Non-Hollywood Films, Amelie, World Cinema, Genres & Case Studies, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Hot Entries

Paper 2 | Non-Hollywood Films Case Study | Amélie



Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain is the story of Amélie, a young girl brought up by a strict, nervous schoolteacher and an emotionally cold doctor. The awkwardness and nervous deposition of her parents means Amélie does not meet other children; instead she is left to her own imagination.

After her mother dies, her father becomes gradually more reclusive and Amélie decides she will leave as soon as she can. Once she is working as a waitress in Paris, she leaves. When Amélie hears of Princess Diana’s death on the news, she drops a glass she is drying up; when she goes to pick it up, she notices a loose tile in the flat. Behind the tile Amélie discovers a tin box full of childhood memories, and so she begins her quest to return it to the owner.

On her quest, Amélie gets to know her neighbours; Madeleine whose husband (who she loved dearly) left her and the Grocer, Mr Collignon, who is mean to his assistant, Lucien. She searches for Dominic Bredoteau, the man her neighbours proclaim is the owner of the box, however she is unsuccessful as every Bredoteau is too young, female or dead. This is until the Glass Man, Raymond Dufayel, gives her the correct name - Bretodeau. When Amélie sees the joy she brings to Bretodeau (by returning the box), she decides to be a regular do-gooder.

Amélie attempts to match-make the tobacconist (Georgette) and a regular customer, (Joseph) together, because they both seem so unhappy, and Joseph is harassing his ex-girlfriend (Gina). Amélie’s friendship with Raymond grows, who seems to be able to read Amélie well - much to her dislike - but this in turn helps him to develop his painting of the “girl with the glass?. Amélie swaps objects around in Mr Collignon’s apartment to send him mad, because he treats Lucien so badly. Amélie also sees that her father is becoming obsessed with his garden gnome, yet won’t travel or do...

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