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Airport Case Study

vikiwalden | Tuesday September 13, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Airport, Genres & Case Studies, Disaster, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Disaster Movies Case Study | Airport

Analysing Genre Codes and Conventions

Mise-en-Scene [Costumes, Props and Setting]


The action of the landing sequence takes place mostly on the airplane, this means the space is limited and so the audience feel imprisoned and claustrophobic, like the characters. This helps to build tension.

However, other scenes happen in the control room, on the ground and inside snow control. These settings are official, characters use radios to communicate with each other, the clinical, plain appearance of the locations represents that these are official places which offer a sense of hope to the audience, who like the passengers would not know how to deal with such a situation. The police car furthers the sense of safety.

The radios and radar monitors are key props as they represent communication with the outside world and express hope that the passengers could survive.

In contrast the oxygen masks express severe danger, leaving the audience with the enigma: will the passengers run out of air before they land?

The bomb is hidden in a suitcase and the bomber wears a smart suit, this makes him cleverly hidden thus the audience are not suspicious of him straight away. This keeps suspense up for the audience.

On the ground, pathetic fallacy is used as the torrential snow adds another level of danger to the event.

The passengers wear every day clothes, most are well-dressed to represent that they are upstanding members of society, but also to add realism and thus emphasis the danger of the situation to the audience so they can relate to the characters. The cabin crew and Captains are dressed formally, as are those in the control room this expresses their authority in the situation. Even under pressure the staff appear formal in their appearance establishing their professionalism and allowing the audience to have faith in their ability to save everyone.

Mise-en-Scene [Lighting]

Throughout the...

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