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2012 Case Study

vikiwalden | Tuesday September 13, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Films & Case Studies, Hollywood Films, Twenty Twelve, Genres & Case Studies, Disaster, Hot Entries

Paper 1 | Disaster Movies Case Study | 2012



It is 2009, eruptions are seen on the sun’s surface. The audience are introduced to Satnam, an Indian Scientist who identifies that these eruptions are increasing in ferocity. Satnam explains to Adrain Helmsley, one of America’s top Geologists that the sun eruptions are warming up the Earth’s core which could have serious consequences for the entire planet. Adrian immediately takes the news to the White House, to Carl Anheuser, who reports to the President. The year is 2009.

2010 | There are riots on the streets of British Colombia where a Summit is being held. Only the Heads of States are permitted entry. President Wilson announces the evidence that “the world as we know it will soon come to an end?. Eruptions are seen in China in the mountainside, selections are made for people who can write.

2011 | In London, a member of Saudi royalty has a meeting with an official Englishman who requests 1 billion Euros; it is not clear why. Laura Wilson and Roland (Director of Arts in Paris) are removing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Art Gallery.

2012 | Jackson Curtis is sleeping through a news report detailing mass suicides, by those who fear the end of the world is coming. Jackson is late to pick up his children; the audience are privy to the messy apartment and unsettled lifestyle of this penniless writer. Jackson picks up the children from the home of his ex-wife, Kate, and her boyfriend Gordon; the house starkly contrasts with Jackson’s. The house has a beautiful garden and white picket fence which symbolises the classic image of the American Dream (what every American strives to have); it is the symbol of a perfect life.

Two elderly men: Harry and Tony are on a Cruise Liner heading for Japan, they discuss how short life is and the importance of staying in contact with your children.

Laura Wilson discovers Roland has been killed in the very same underground tunnel that...

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